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0.5 % accuracy, universal input, autotune,

single loop, communications, three position step control,

CE, UL Pending, relay, linear outputs, universal power


0.5 % accuracy, universal input, autotune, single loop,

communications, three position step control,

CE, UL Pending, relay, linear outputs, universal power


1/16 DIN, 0.1 % accuracy, universal input, autotune,

single loop, communications, digital input,

three position step control, limit controller,

CE, UL, DIN rail, relay, linear outputs, universal power


1/4 DIN, 0.25 % accuracy, universal inputs, accutune III,

heat/cool, timer, auxiliary output, limit control, relay,

linear output, ethernet/modbus communications,

infrared pc and pocket PC configuration.


72*144mm,0.05% accuracy,bargraph displays,

digital displays, universal inputs,universal outputs,

math,characterizer,logic,fuzzy logic,communications


1/4 DIN,0.25% accuracy,

8 programs at 16 segments each,CE/UL/cUL


1/4 DIN,0.10 to 0.20% accuracy,

19 programs at 30 segments each,CE

Basic recorder

254mm (10"),Circular Chart Recorder,

0.35% accuracy,Transmitter Power,

Universal Inputs,CE,UL,CSA


4 in strip Chart,100mm,Pen Recorder,

Multipoint Recorder,DIN,0.25% accuracy,

Universal input,Scales,Alarms,Transmitter Power,

Chart documentation,DC Power,CSA


10 inStrip Chart,250mm,Multipoint Recorder,

0.05% accuracy,Universal input,Digital display,Alarms,

Logic Inputs,Comm.,Math,Auxiliary Outputs,

Color Printing,Chart documentation,Messages,Data Storage,

Roll and Fan Fold Charts

7800 Series
Burner controls
provide enhanced safety and comprehensive diagnostics.
R 7824 ,R 7847 ,R7848 ,
R7849 ,R7861 ,R 7886

Flame signal amplifiersSolid state plug-in

amplifiers that respond to flame detector inputs to indicate the presence

of flame when used with 7800 SERIES relay modules.

S 7800 A ....

Keyboard display moduleProvides current status of burner sequence,

timing information, hold information and lockout information,

as well as selectable or preemptive messages.

RA 890 G, F ....

Primary control provides solid state,

electronic flame safeguard protection for industrial and commercial

single or dual fuel burners

404 A - D,F / L 604
Pressure controllers

Provide operating control, automatic or manual reset limit protection

for pressure systems up to 300 psi (2068 kPa).

Ultraviolet flame detectors
Minipeeper ultraviolet flame detector
M7... ,M9...
Moldutrol IV

Low torque electric actuator, 0~25lb-ft, stroke 90-160degree,

input(2-10Vdc, 4-20mA )position feedback 600ohm.


Low torque electric actuator, 0~25lb-ft, stroke 90-160degree,

input(1-5Vdc., 4-20mA )position feedback 135, 1000ohm.


electric actuator,non-contact position sensing,

continuous duty,non-backdrive brakeless design,

Input/output(4-20 mA,1-5 V,two position,PAT),

10-300 Ib-ft torque,90 degree stroke.HercuLine


Smart electric actuator,Digital/programmable electrpnics,

programmable relay outputs,non-contact position sensing,

continuous duty,nonbackdrive brakeless design,

Input/Output(4 -20 mA,1-5 V,Digital)HercuLine


electric actuator,non-contact position sensing,continuous duty,

non-backdrive brakeless design,Input/output

(4-20 mA,1-5 V,two position,PAT),

425 Ib-ft to 5,500 Ib-ft torque,90/100 degree stroke.


2000 series

Actuator,Control: up/down CAT,PAT,

DAT with Digital*Programmable electronics and relay outputs,

non-contact position sensing,nonbackdrive brakeless design,

Input/Output(4-20 mA,1.0-5.0 V,Digital)

V4055 ... , V5055 ...
On-Off Power gas valve actuators

To control gas supply to commercial and industrial burner.

one second maximum closing time, use in compleate set

with Industrial gas valves

Safety shutoff valves to control gas flow.

V51E ...
Butterfly gas / air valves

Provides modulating control of natural,

LP gas or air.mounted directly with Modultrol motor

M7... or M9 ...valve size 1 1/2"~4" Q100B100

Linkage required for connecting motor and valves.

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