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ND Series

Field-proven high sensitivity to pulse transmission of high-density fluids
Compact and lightweight
Excellent cost performance
Nominal diameter: 5 - 20mm
Flow range: 0.3 - 60L/min

Microstream Flowsens
Microstream Flowsens


For combustion control of inner combustion control of inner
combustion engine,
batch pouring of liquid medicine, measuring of liquid such as
food products or cosmetics
Nominal diameter: 5 - 10mm
Flow range: 0.0085 - 5L/min
Excellent chemical resistance



Electromagnatic Water Meter
SU / SY series

FOutstanding durability with no moving parts
High accuracy measurement for both large and small flowrates
Nominal diameter: 50 - 350mm
Flow range: 0.35 - 1200m3/h

Terbine Gas Meter
TBX / TBZ series

For controlling the amount of gas consumption of equipment
such as small boilers and different kinds of factory furnace
High-accurate measurement
Flow range: 4 - 300m3/h
Gas Meter
N series
Excellent equipment failure safety performance and durabillity !
Compact high - performance gas meters.
Industrial Governer
A-N ,A-H ,C-N ,C-H model
Product range: Governor, relief valve, proportional valve,
zero governor, etc.
For the usage of the automatic temperature and heat
management of industrial furnace
Measurable gas: LNG, LPG, air, city gas, etc.
Nominal diameter: 8 - 80mm
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